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AssociationTV.UK is a one-stop-shop, from planning through content creation, hosting, distribution, monetisation, to measurement. What makes us unique is that we have learned what strategically works for associations because we are both a technology platform and a multimedia content producer. Having access to these capabilities allows us to be able to be agile when matching solutions to problems. We see what works and can recommend services that are proven to work, less risky, and can help you become even more profitable, purposeful, and predictable.

Content Strategy

  • Develop a robust multimedia content calendar that aligns with your member, sponsor, and association goals

  • Content sourcing, development, and planning

  • Video and podcast ideation, and series development

  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboarding

Events, Conferences & Webinars

  • Control audiences with registration, pay-per-view, subscription, member-only, non-member, freemium, live-only, and on-demand access options

  • Sponsor and exhibitor servicing

  • Event and session filming

  • Conference packages that drive sponsorship revenue and engagement

  • Pre, during, and post-event promotional videos

  • Livestream capture and viewing management

  • Webinar management and services


  • On-location filming - single and multi-camera shoots

  • Global network of vetted videographers

  • Contactless filming technology that allows you to capture HD footage remotely

  • Conference and on-location filming packages including interviews, panel sessions, keynotes and more

  • Live-streaming

  • Full service studio, including green-screen (on premise)

  • Drone capture

Online Platforms

  • Multimedia (video, audio, podcast, text, blog) platform library

  • Integrated single sign on (SSO), gating, pay-per-view, and subscription options

  • Exhibitor and partner online Solutions Centre

  • Monetisation through banner positioning, calls-to-action, and annotations

  • Advertising and sponsor servicing


  • Live-action, graphics, and animation

  • Micro-learning to improve engagement for your news, thought leadership, insights, best-practices, advocacy and more

  • Multimedia production from a single shoot

  • Podcast production and editing

  • 2D and 3D Animation

Video & Multimedia Distribution

  • Drive traffic to your brand assets in a controlled environment

  • Syndicate content from social, multi-site, or multi-page offerings

  • Measure results for audience engagement, conversions, and revenues

  • Marketing automation integration

  • Easily generate sharing and embedding resources for all assets

  • Customised thumbnails, CTAs, and annotations

Project Management

​Our team is here to support your organisation for any small or massively complex project(s) and solution(s). Whether you are looking for a 30-minute remote filming solution or a multi-day, multi-camera, professional shoot with annual content planning and distribution management, AssociationTV.UK is here for you. Supplement your resources with ours. We thrive on exceeding your expectations and delivering top-quality service, quickly and effectively. 

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