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Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform

Association TV® LIVE is our virtual and hybrid event solution that allows associations to moderate and distribute an online offering for everything from a webinar to a multi-day, multi-track event with or without continued education. Combine pre-recorded keynotes, panels, and sessions, with live-streaming and maximise your engagement with Q&A, polls, chat, breakouts, and gamification. And, leverage our exhibitor and partner Solutions Center and monetisation capabilities to provide value to sponsors and revenue to your association. Connect the live in-person, live online, and on-demand offerings in one place to create predictable, lasting behaviours, and engagement opportunities for your audience.

Moderate and distribute an online offering

Combine pre-recorded keynotes, panels and sessions with live-streaming, look-live interviews and video announcements 

Professional standards

Robust quality controls to capture speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors remotely to promote the event or share valuable content.

Live-streaming conference sessions

Remotely stream your best content to your full audience through live-streaming. Make it interactive with virtual Q&A and chat options 

Generate non-dues revenue

Leverage our exhibitor and partner Solutions Center and monetisation capabilities to provide value to members and sponsors

Holistic Digital Strategy

Satisfy all stakeholders; members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, staff and partners

Long term event ROI

Repurpose content to create educational videos released every 2 weeks to provide micro-learning and drive deeper on the top topics. 

How does it work?

Video works, our MHI channel proves that. Now we do two to three videos a month minimum and the engagement and the numbers of people watching our videos is just astronomical. It's beyond anything that I could ever imagine.

Carol Miller, VP Marketing & Communications, MHI 

Looking to partner with video production specialists?

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