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Virtual Videographer

AssociationTV.UK takes pride in driving down the cost and complexity of video for associations. We developed the Virtual Videographer solution, which is guaranteed to drastically reduce the resources needed to produce impactful video and audio content that helps you enhance member engagement and increase new member acquisition. AssociationTV.UK’s Virtual Videographer allows our in-house team to virtually tap into an iPhone, iPad, or computer and capture up to 4K video footage without having to be there in person. Imagine being able to film anywhere in the world in less time, money, and effort – an alternative option to our professional video filming services.

How does it work?

Low-cost remote filming

Record up to 4 subjects & include up to 4 collaborators to participate virtually, direct the shoot and/or serve as the interviewer

4k quality filming 

Capture up to 4k video & high-quality audio anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, or computer

Rapid turnaround

60-90 day turn around using a professional production crew that specialise working with membership organisations 

No equipment? No problem!

Equipment sourcing or rental for stabilisation, audio, and lighting

Getting started is easy

It takes less than 10-minutes to set-up the equipment 

Professional standards

Robust quality controls (resolution, frames per second, colour temperature, exposure, focus & more)

"With a pandemic, we knew that we needed to elevate our connection with members in new and different ways. And so we wanted to try and utilise video for what had been traditionally in person events to communicate our messages and to connect with our members"

Bob Moore, Executive Director, ACOFP

What else do we do?

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